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    Murder is legally defined in the state of California as unlawfully taking another human life in an unjustified fashion. No matter what degree you are charged with, however, the penalties for murder are the most serious in the criminal law books, and may include execution. If you or someone you love has been charged with murder, you owe it to yourself to reach out to our firm; we have aggressive, experienced criminal defense attorneys with the knowledge and savvy to help you build the strongest legal defense possible against violent crimes.

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    Murder Criminal Defense

    We have tough attorneys that are ready to defend our clients against murder charges. With practical experience defending against the most serious charge you can face, our lawyers will get to work immediately on putting together your defense. Call now to set up your free consultation. Se habla Español.

    Degrees of Murder

    There are several degrees of murder, and the intent of the defendant is usually what determines which degree they get charged with.

    If you’ve killed someone in a malicious and premeditated fashion, you are guilty of first degree murder. There are four ways first degree murder can occur in the state of California:

    - A killing is carried out in a premeditated, malicious way
    - A killing is committed with an explosive device, a weapon of mass destruction, metal or armor piercing ammunition or poison
    - A killing is committed by someone who was lying in wait for their victim, or who tortures their victim
    - A killing occurs during the commission of a felony, even if the killing was negligent or accidental

    A first degree murder can elevate to a capital murder charge under several circumstances, such as the killing of a police officer, or a murder for financial gain.

    A second degree murder is, essentially, any willful and unlawful killing that does not meet the standards of first-degree murder.

    A failed murder may lead to charges of attempted murder.

    Penalties for a Murder Conviction

    Penalties for murder charges are among the most severe that exist for criminal offenses. They include, but are not limited to:

    - Life without the chance of parole
    - Severe fines
    - Additional penalties for gang-related murders
    - Execution (capital murders may be punishable by death)

    Defense Against Murder Charges

    Our lead attorney is a criminal defense lawyer who has experience with violent crimes, and is ready to defend those accused of murder. David Lehr knows that, there are several defenses commonly used to fight murder charges:

    • Insanity —the defendant can prove they did not know the difference between right and wrong or the nature of their actions.
    • Mistaken identity — the defendant proves they have been mistakenly identified as the perpetrator.
    • Accidental killing
    • Justifiable murder
    • Violation of civil rights during the arrest
    • Self-defense or defense of others

    Your best bet at a strong defense is to hire a lawyer who will fight for your rights — our attorneys have over 20 years of experience in the area, and work solely with those accused of violent crimes. This area is all our firm handles, and we have the savvy to defend your rights at your trial. We understand the ins and outs of the California criminal justice system. No matter the charge, we can help.

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    Our criminal defense attorneys defend those who have been charged with murder. Our offices are accessible to public transportation and are conveniently located across the street from the city courthouse. Contact us by phone or online today in order to arrange your free initial consultation. Se habla Español.

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