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    Theft Crimes

    Charges for violent theft crimes can be serious. Without a trusted attorney by your side, you could face a lengthy prison sentence. At our firm, our lawyers are completely dedicated to helping those who face charges for violent crimes. We have over two decades of successful experience and, as former prosecutors, we are very familiar with the tactics and strategies used by the opposition, and how to counter them.

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    Theft Crimes Ventura

    Our team is prepared to provide solid defense for individuals facing charges for violent theft crimes. We are experienced attorneys who exclusively serve clients accused of violent crimes — we have dealt with thousands of felony cases, and will fight for your rights, too. Se habla Español.

    What are Violent Theft Crimes?

    A violent theft crime occurs when a person steals the property of another and uses force or threats of force to do so. Theft by itself is already a "crime of moral turpitude" — this means it is considered a depraved offense, and a conviction can affect immigration status or the ability to obtain a professional license.

    If you are accused of one of the violent theft crimes, in addition to felony charges, you could also face penalty under California's "Three Strikes" law. Under this law, if you are convicted of a third violent offense, like robbery, you receive a mandatory 25 years in prison.

    Our practice fights passionately to defend clients accused of the following violent theft crimes:

    Robbery — state law defines robbery as the act of stealing someone else's property through use of violence, force, or threats of imminent danger.

    Carjacking — the act of taking another person's vehicle by use of force or fear. This means that you may be convicted of carjacking if you threaten the owner of the vehicle with violence, but do not injure him or her. If you face charges for this violent theft crime, do not hesitate to contact our firm for experienced guidance.

    Extortion — the obtaining of property from another person by using force or fear.

    If you or someone you love faces violent theft charges for robbery, extortion or carjacking, let our criminal defense attorneys build you a solid defense. We are an aggressive and successful criminal defense law firm and our team will fight for your freedom.

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    At David Lehr Law, we have successfully defended many clients facing a variety of violent crime charges. We offer defense to those charged with theft crimes in Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard. To schedule a free consultation, contact us on the phone number above, or use our convenient online form located towards the top of the page. Our office has flexible business hours, plenty of available parking, and is located directly across from the city courthouse near public transportation. Se habla Español.

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