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    Violent Crimes

    Charges of violent crimes can ruin lives and take away your freedoms. If you’ve been accused of these crimes, your best chance at protecting your name and your freedom is hiring an experienced criminal lawyer who understands the laws and processes related to the case. Our attorneys focus solely on defending those accused of violent crimes, and know the ins and outs of the justice system — we will fight for you.

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    Violent Crimes Ventura

    A criminal lawyer who understands the charges you face is your best chance at defending yourself. Our firm has ethical, dedicated criminal attorneys with the knowledge you need. We have experience defending clients in the area from numerous types of charges for violent crimes, and will get to work building a strong defense for you as soon as you call. You owe it to yourself to schedule a free consultation with our legal team now. Se habla Español.

    Criminal offenses, such as violent crimes, are the most serious charges a person can face in the U.S. justice system. Unlike civil charges, which are brought against people by private citizens, criminal charges represent an offense against the people of a town, state or country, and as such are brought by a government body. And when the government brings charges against you, they also bring the full weight of their resources and the focused intention of punishing you severely for the crimes you are alleged to have committed.

    Our attorneys have experience on both sides of the fence; having worked as state prosecution, we know what the state will bring against you, and can work to come up with a defense that will counter their argument. Call now to get your free consultation and start fighting back.

    What are Violent Crimes?

    Violent crimes come in all shapes and sizes. Beyond the fact that they carry severe penalties, the various criminal offenses you may find yourself charged with might not have much in common. The legal experience our attorneys have has given them the range of knowledge to defend you across numerous criminal accusations you may be faced with.

    • Murder
    • Manslaughter
    • Kidnapping
    • Violent thefts
    • Sex crimes
    • Domestic violence
    • Gang crimes
    • Attempted crimes

    Murder — the intentional taking of a human life with "malice aforethought," meaning, the intent to harm or kill. It is the most serious charge in criminal courts, and carries the most serious penalties.

    Manslaughter — this also involves the taking of a human life, but without as much forethought as murder. It is also an incredibly serious charge with severe penalties.

    Kidnapping — this charge involves taking or transporting a person against their will whether for ransom, in the act of committing another crime or in a child custody matter.

    Violent thefts — any theft is a serious matter. But when the act involves a weapon or the threat of violence, then the seriousness and penalties increase.

    Sex crimes — most people think of rape and prostitution when they hear the phrase sex crimes. But subtler crimes like sexual battery and stalking also fall under this category.

    Domestic violence — most domestic violence cases involve physical abuse of a spouse. But again, the true topic is broader. Physical abuse or threats of violence between people who share — or used to share — a family relationship, or who cohabitate, is outlawed by domestic violence laws.

    Gang crimes — a group of people with a leadership structure who claim control over territory in a community is, legally, a gang. And when they engage alone or collectively in illegal behavior, the result is a gang-related crime.

    Attempted crimes — criminal law is based on intent, not success. If you try to commit a crime and fail, you may still be charged with an attempted crime.

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    At David Lehr Law, we put twenty years of experience in the criminal justice system to work for every client we take on. We're dedicated to helping clients accused of violent crimes in Ventura, Camarillo, and Oxnard. Contact our offices by phone, or use our online form above to arrange a free initial consultation. Our offices are accessible to public transportation and are conveniently located across the street from the city courthouse. Se habla Español.

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